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Economic growth, we are told, is indispensable in guaranteeing prosperity and liberty. Unchecked, it perpetuates a cycle of consumption and production that puts the planet and our well-being at risk. With the global population hurtling towards 11 billion by the end of the century, our consumerist patterns need urgent review.

The concept of ‘degrowth’ offers a response. It suggests sufficiency for all instead of excess for a few. It means imagining a good life beyond consumerism so that the planet can regenerate and meet everyone’s needs. As creators of new and desirable things, the design community is complicit in the current crisis yet can also play a vital role in becoming an agent for change, decoupling the idea of progress from economic growth and growing the appeal of a richer life with less stuff.

Non-Pavilion creates a space in its most minimal sense; a space for testing out ideas for a fairer, richer future. Drawing on the beauty and simplicity of Swiss Baugespanne – the poles, rods and wires erected to help the public visualise the impact of a proposed development – the Non-Pavilion serves as a ghostly reminder of our need to produce and consume less. 

Non-Pavilion is a collaboration between STUDIO MICAT, THERE PROJECT & PROUD STUDIO

DEGROWTH LDF 3 (2).jpg
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